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Without commissions, without the middle man, you come in direct contact with your customers.

The purpose of is the total spectrum of marketing for all renting rooms/apartments in Lefkada aiming in providing correct information to all tourists that wish to visit the island.  This is the reason why we created a website dedicated only to Lefkada.

Having many years of experience in providing services to tourists and also in designing websites, we observed that even the best websites that focus on marketing rooms/apartments have certain difficulties or dysfunctional issues such as::


  • The owner of the property has to upload himself and create his own page on the net by himself, something that is not possible for everybody.
  • The owner of the property has to inform  the administrator for the availability.
  • A certain number of rooms have to be always reserved by the booking site.
  • When the visitor fills in the contact form, the information goes to the booking site and from there it has to be forwarded by email to the Hotel owner. This sometimes results in delays which means that whoever chooses your room/apartment, if he doesn’t receive your reply in time, he will address another owner and you will lose the booking.
  • The same delay may occur in case of cancelations.
  • The fee to a good website is fairly high.
  • If there is no fee then you enter the cycle of commissions which sometimes is too complicated, without clarity and at times the price of your room/apartment goes up  than the one you had initially set, which limit your Target Group.
  • Aiming to avoid all that we designed


  • You just contact us and express your interest by sending the link of your webpage.
  • We get all the material we need from your webpage and we download it to Booking in Lefkada.
  • If you do not have a webpage, you send us relevant text and pictures.
  • Most important is that when the visitor completes the booking form, it is sent directly to you without delays, the same as if the booking was done directly via your webpage.  From then on you handle the booking as per your usual procedure.
  • There are no commissions.
  • Aiming at increasing the quality of communication and satisfaction between tourists who are planning to visit our island and the owners of rooms/apartments, we make an effort that needs time and strong will from us and a little help from you.

    We believe that the visitors first contact with Lefkada should be an easy and pleasurable one.

    We can offer a modern website, user friendly with the lowest possible cost. 

    The basic subscription is € 30 annually.

    For those who want to advertise on the Home Page the cost is +25 € annually

    We offer

    01 Detailed Description of profile.


    02 Photo Gallery.


    03 Facilities.


    04 Smart and easy search engine according to the location and type of facility. More


    05 Reservation form directly to your e-mail.


    06 Newsletter-mailing with presentation of your accommodation to over 15,000 addresses.


    07 Directions to your hotel via Google Map. More


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    • Reservation form directly to your e-mail.
    • Newsletter-mailing to over 15,000 addresses.
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