How does Booking in Lefkada work for Guests?

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With, finding your perfect place to stay is simple and easy!

If you want to visit Lefkada island, you have the flexibility to choose which type of property suits your needs. Whether you are looking for a cheap room or a large luxury villa, we have you covered!

Here are some options on how to search on what you need:

  • On the homepage or here on this page find on the right, the Find Accommodation menu. You can choose location, or type of
find accommodation

accommodation or both. Just remeber that you shoul choose at least one option. Click on Search to check the available property listings.


  • An other option is to choose the area from the Locations menu. Then you can choose from all kind of accommodation on the specific area.
  •  You can also find the Tags in almost all of pages.


 Click an area and all kind of accomodation on that area will appear.

Click a type of accomodation (Hotels, Private Villas) and then you can choose from the entire island this kind of accommodation.

  • After you review the properties, you can send an inquiry to the owner, or simply call him or her straight.

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